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Decades after the iconic O.J. Simpson case that catapulted his name into infamy, the remarkably driven attorney Robert Shapiro remains a ubiquitous figure in 2024—though his reasons for renown have greatly evolved since his “Dream Team” days.

Now in his early 80s yet still sharper than attorneys half his age, Shapiro boasts an estimated net worth north of nine figures. Where does his vast wealth stem from in 2024? How does he utilize it? Through an illustrious career across civil and criminal litigation plus founding and investing in disruptive law-related ventures, Shapiro has accrued an extraordinary net worth that affords him luxury vehicles, lavish properties, and elite social circles while allowing substantial philanthropy.

The still sought-after practicing attorney juggles new cases between advising startups, speaking engagements, quality time with family, and shepherding his largest venture—LegalZoom.

Robert Shapiro Net Worth 2024

Robert Shapiro Net Worth

In this comprehensive examination of the remainder of Robert Shapiro’s journey in 2024 at age 82, learn intriguing updates regarding the most intimate details of his fortune, family, firms, future aims, and lasting legacy still in progress—over a half-century since beginning his ascent into history as one of America’s most famous litigators.

How Did Robert Shapiro Build His $100 Million Net Worth?

Robert Shapiro accumulated his vast wealth in the following ways:

  • Successful law career spanning over 4 decades: As one of the most sought-after criminal defense attorneys since the 1970s, Shapiro commands very high legal fees. His reasonable rates are around $1000 per hour.
  • Co-founding LegalZoom: Shapiro co-founded the popular online legal services company in 2001. LegalZoom’s valuation has grown exponentially, likely making Shapiro’s stake worth eight figures.
  • Investments and business ventures: Shapiro is a savvy investor and businessman with stakes in various companies. These investments contribute to his massive personal valuation.

With decades still ahead of him to grow his firms and make new investments, Robert Shapiro’s net worth could continue rising substantially.

Who is Robert Shapiro? A Tenacious Litigator and Consummate Professional

Robert L. Shapiro was born on September 2, 1942, making him 80 years old presently. He was raised in Plainfield, New Jersey, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Shapiro demonstrated great ambition and intelligence from a young age. He obtained his juris doctor degree from Loyola Law School in 1968 and passed the California bar exam shortly after.

In over 50 years of legal practice, Robert Shapiro has handled civil and criminal matters ranging from business disputes to murder defenses. However, he finds criminal litigation most intriguing and specializes in defending public figures in major criminal cases.

Key Highlights from Robert Shapiro’s Esteemed Legal Career:

  • Began practicing law in 1969 focusing on personal injury and civil litigation cases
  • Co-founded one of Los Angeles’ most respected law firms in 1991 – Christensen, Miller, Fink, Jacobs, Glaser, Weil & Shapiro LLP
  • Served as lead trial counsel on O.J. Simpson’s “Dream Team” defense, playing an integral role in Simpson’s headline-grabbing acquittal in 1995
  • Represented many other celebrities including Eva Longoria, Rob Kardashian, and Darren Collison
  • Co-founded in 2001, revolutionizing online legal services
  • Continues practicing law and participating in new business ventures related to law, technology, and media

Now in his late 70s, Robert Shapiro shows no signs of slowing down. He still takes on select complex cases, delivers lectures, and participates in LegalZoom.

Colleagues and clients alike praise Bob Shapiro for his sharp legal mind, personable nature, and tireless work ethic. He has mastered the art of litigation and negotiated many incredible plea bargains and settlements during his career.

Physical Stats: How Tall is Robert Shapiro?

Robert Shapiro has an average height and build that enables him to come across as relatable in the courtroom. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) tall and weighs approximately 163 pounds (74 kg).

While some lawyers attempt to intimidate opposing counsel and jurors by their physical presence, Shapiro does the opposite. His normal stature makes him seem more approachable and trustworthy.

Delving into Robert Shapiro’s Personal Life and Backstory

Robert Shapiro keeps fairly private about his personal affairs but a few details are known:

  • Born September 2, 1942 in Plainfield, New Jersey
  • Of Russian Jewish descent
  • Got married in 1970 to Linell Shapiro – the couple is still married 50+ years later
  • Fathered two sons – Grant Shapiro and Brent Shapiro (deceased)
  • No verified social media presence – he values his privacy

Despite being an internationally famous attorney, Robert Shapiro leads a relatively low profile, drama-free personal life. He is an intensely private individual who prefers keeping family matters out of the public eye.

Robert Shapiro’s Career Achievements and Awards

While litigators mainly work behind the scenes helping clients win cases or secure favorable settlements, Robert Shapiro has earned countless accolades for his legal work.

  • 1991 – Named defense attorney of the year by California Lawyer magazine
  • 1994 – Received the Distinguished Alumnus Award from Loyola Law School
  • 1995 – Voted one of the 100 Most Influential Attorneys in the nation by National Law Journal
  • 2001 – Honored with the First Amendment Award from PEN USA for his advocacy of free speech rights
  • 2013 – Inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame

In addition, Shapiro has delivered guest lectures at Harvard, Yale, and many other top universities. He also received an honorary doctor of law degree from Loyola Law School.

Robert Shapiro’s Thriving Companies and Investments

On top of a heavy caseload over five decades, Robert Shapiro skillfully built thriving companies and amassed stakes in various businesses mostly centered in law and technology.

  • LegalZoom – The legal services company he co-founded revolutionized the industry. LegalZoom is worth over $2 billion as of its recent IPO.
  • ShoeDazzle – He invested in this popular online women’s shoe and accessories company founded by Kim Kardashian.
  • RightCounsel – Shapiro created this platform to connect clients directly with attorneys for legal consultations over the phone, via email, and through video chat. It was acquired by LegalZoom in 2018.
  • -Online publishing is another area Shapiro expanded into as an investor in various digital content sites like

FAQs about Robert Shapiro Net Worth, Clients, Trial History & More:

Robert Shapiro is an intriguing public figure who sparks many questions about his career, personal life, trial tactics, and path to extreme wealth. Here are answers to 10 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is Robert Shapiro’s actual net worth?

A: Robert Shapiro’s net worth is $100 million by most estimates. The majority stems from LegalZoom stock and his law career earnings over 50 years.

  • Q: Who are some of Robert Shapiro’s most famous clients?

A: O.J. Simpson tops the list along with Eva Longoria, the Kardashians, Darren Collison, Rob Hite, Ric Flair, and many prominent LA athletes and entertainers.

  • Q: Why did Robert Shapiro leave O.J. Simpson’s legal team?

A: Shapiro exited because he disagreed with Johnnie Cochran’s shift to focus on accusing the LAPD of framing Simpson due to racism.

  • Q: How much did Robert Shapiro make from the O.J. Simpson trial?

A: Although the exact figure is private, his fame likely substantially elevated his asking price for cases. An average case nets him high six figures at least.

  • Q: What makes Robert Shapiro such a successful litigator?

A: His quick analytical thinking, dynamic oral arguments, persistence, and talent for swaying juries with simple logic make him tough to beat in court.

  • Q: Does Robert Shapiro have children?

A: Yes, he has two sons – Grant and the late Brent Shapiro who unfortunately passed away from substance abuse issues.

  • Q: What does Robert Shapiro do now?

A: He still takes cases, participates as Principal Founder at LegalZoom, runs other companies, invests in startups, and lectures at colleges occasionally.

  • Q: Does Robert Shapiro have an Instagram account?

A: Unlike many celebs, Shapiro avoids social media. With no Instagram account, he guards his privacy.

  • Q: Where does Robert Shapiro live?

A: He resides primarily in Los Angeles, California where his law office is based.

  • Q: Is Robert Shapiro a US citizen?

A: Yes, Robert Shapiro was born in New Jersey, USA, and retains American citizenship.

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Conclusion: Robert Shapiro’s Legacy as an Attorney Lives On

Very few attorneys ever achieve the status and wealth Robert Shapiro boasts after 50+ years practicing law at an elite level.

His net worth stems from stellar investing, co-founding LegalZoom, and commanding high legal fees for taking on career-defining cases. O.J. Simpson was certainly his most notorious client, but Shapiro built his empire on years of hard work even before that trial.

With no signs of slowing down anytime soon, Robert Shapiro continues working daily to uphold justice and expand his companies. America loves comeback stories, so his journey from humble beginnings to a net worth exceeding 9 figures serves as an inspiration.

At 80 years old, the legendary litigator is still determined to leave an indelible, positive mark on the legal profession through his groundbreaking work.

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