MyPrepaidCenter com – Blackhawk Data Breach $985K Class Action Settlement

Blackhawk Network, the operator of the MyPrepaidCenter com prepaid card platform, has agreed to a $985,000 settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit over a 2022 data breach that allegedly exposed customers’ personal information.

The breach occurred in October 2022 and impacted individuals whose information was stored on Blackhawk sent data breach notifications to affected customers shortly after detecting the attack.

According to the class action complaint, Blackhawk failed to implement adequate cybersecurity safeguards that could have prevented the breach. While Blackhawk hasn’t admitted liability, the company agreed to settle to avoid further litigation.

MyPrepaidCenter com – Blackhawk Data Breach $985K Class Action Settlement

MyPrepaidCenter com - Blackhawk Data Breach $985K Class Action Settlement

The Blackhawk data breach settlement establishes a $985,000 settlement fund that will provide payments to eligible class members for documented out-of-pocket losses and fraud related to the breach. Some class members may also receive an extra $200 payment.

Below is more information on the settlement and how to file a claim for benefits.

What is the Blackhawk Data Breach Class Action Settlement?

The Blackhawk data breach settlement resolves a proposed class action lawsuit filed on behalf of customers impacted by the October 2022 attack on MyPrepaidCenter com.

The lawsuit alleged that Blackhawk failed to adequately safeguard customers’ personal data stored on its platforms. This negligence allegedly resulted in unauthorized third parties gaining access to the system and stealing sensitive customer information.

While denying any wrongdoing, Blackhawk agreed to establish a $985,000 settlement fund to reimburse affected individuals for losses and fraud stemming from the data breach.

In exchange, class members agree to release claims against the company related to the cyber attack. Members of a California subclass also release claims under the California Unfair Competition Law.

Who is Eligible for the Blackhawk Data Breach Settlement?

To be eligible for settlement benefits, you must:

  • Have had your personal information compromised in the Blackhawk Network data breach that occurred in or around October 2022; and/or
  • Have received a data breach notification letter from Blackhawk regarding the attack.

If you meet either of these conditions, you are considered a class member and may file a claim for benefits.

There is also a subclass of class members who reside in California. These individuals may receive extra compensation under the settlement.

What are the Potential Settlement Awards?

The Blackhawk settlement establishes two types of monetary awards for eligible claimants:

  • Reimbursement for Documented Losses: Class members can receive reimbursement of up to $5,000 for documented, out-of-pocket losses and fraud related to the data breach. Some examples include fraudulent charges, professional fees incurred to remediate issues caused by the breach, credit monitoring costs, and other related losses.

    To receive reimbursement, you must submit claim forms along with documentation like financial statements, receipts and fraud reports showing the losses were more likely than not caused by the breach.

  • California Claimant Payments: Members of the California subclass can receive an additional cash payment estimated at around $200. This extra award accounts for alleged violations of California’s privacy laws.

  • Awards may be reduced on a pro-rata basis if total claims exceed the $985,000 settlement fund. If any money remains after paying initial claims, it may be distributed in a second round of payments to claimants.

Claim Type Maximum Potential Award
Documented Breach Losses Up to $5,000
California Claimant Award Est. $200

What Proof is Needed to Support Claims?

To receive reimbursement for breach losses greater than $25, you must provide documentation showing:

  • The exact, out-of-pocket loss or cost incurred.
  • Proof connecting the loss to the Blackhawk data breach.
  • Confirmation you have not already received reimbursement.

Examples of accepted documentation include:

  • Account statements with unauthorized charges are highlighted.
  • Receipts for expenses incurred to address identity theft and fraud.
  • Invoices from professionals hired to help remediate issues.
  • Police reports and complaints to authorities related to the breach.
  • Records showing costs for credit monitoring or identity protection services signed up after the attack.

Without supporting documentation, reimbursement claims cannot be paid from the settlement fund.

How to File a Claim for Settlement Benefits?

Step 1: Access the Claim Form

You can quickly and easily file a claim for settlement benefits through the website.

The claim form requires you to provide basic details about your identity, contact information, qualifying losses, and whether you reside in California.

You’ll need to certify the information is truthful and accurately reflects fraud-related losses incurred from the Blackhawk breach.

Step 2: Gather Supporting Documentation

If claiming over $25 in losses, be sure to have scans or photos of documents that prove your damages (as outlined in the previous section).

The claim form allows you to upload images of financial records, police reports, or other materials. Make sure any sensitive personal information is redacted first.

Step 3: Submit Your Claim

After entering all details into the online claim form and uploading supporting documentation, review the attestation carefully then hit “Submit.”

Successfully submitted claims will generate a confirmation message. If you don’t receive confirmation, try submitting again.

Be sure to retain your claim number for future reference. Claims can be modified if needed.

When is the Claim Form Deadline?

To receive compensation under the settlement, eligible claim forms must be submitted online or postmarked no later than April 11, 2024.

Given the fixed settlement fund, submitting timely claims is the best way to increase your chances of receiving your full reimbursement and/or California claimant award.

Blackhawk Data Breach Settlement Case Details

Detail Description
Case Name In re: Blackhawk Network Data Breach Litigation, Case No. 22-cv-07084
Court U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California
Settlement Amount $985,000
Attorneys’ Fees and Costs Up to $492,500
Settlement Administrator Angeion Group

What’s the Final Approval Hearing Date?

The court has scheduled a final approval hearing on May 17, 2024, to determine whether to grant final approval to the settlement.

Class members who don’t opt out can object to or comment on the settlement by submitting documents to the settlement administrator no later than March 14, 2024.

Instructions for objecting or commenting are available on the settlement website. Those who formally object may ask to appear at the final approval hearing.

Blackhawk Data Breach Settlement Website & Contact

c/o Settlement Administrator
1650 Arch Street, Suite 2210
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Email: __________________
Phone: ()--____

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How much money can I get from the Blackhawk data breach settlement?

A: If you file an approved claim for documented, out-of-pocket losses related to the breach, you may receive reimbursement of up to $5,000. California subclass members may also receive around $200.

  • Q: How do I file a claim to get my Blackhawk settlement payment?

A: Go to and complete the online claim form by April 11, 2024. If claiming over $25 in losses, you must include supporting documentation.

  • Q: What proof of purchase or losses do I need to provide?

A: You must provide account statements, receipts, invoices, or other documents showing unauthorized charges, and costs to address fraud issues, or expenses incurred related to the breach. Police reports can also be used.

  • Q: Can I opt-out or sue Blackhawk individually?

A: Yes, you can opt-out by mailing an exclusion request postmarked by March 14, 2024. This allows you to retain your rights to file or join another lawsuit against the company related to this breach.

  • Q: How can I object to the Blackhawk data breach settlement terms?

A: If you remain in the settlement but disagree with certain terms, you can submit a written objection document to the court outlining your concerns by March 14, 2024. Instructions are on the settlement site.

  • Q: When will I get my payment if I submit a claim?

A: Payments will be issued after final court approval if granted. This typically takes 60-90 days after the final approval hearing on May 17, 2024. Sign up for email updates on the settlement website.

  • Q: What happens to leftover settlement funds after claims are paid?

A: If money remains in the $985,000 settlement fund after paying all eligible claims plus fees and costs, class members may receive a second, pro rata payment. If residuals are insufficient to justify this, the money may be donated to charity.

  • Q: Who qualifies as part of the Blackhawk data breach settlement?

A: Those eligible include individuals whose information was compromised in the breach and/or who received notification letters about it from Blackhawk. Proof of notification may be required.

  • Q: I’m not sure if I qualify or what documentation supports my claim. What should I do?

A: Carefully review eligibility details on the settlement administrator’s FAQ page. If you still have questions, contact the claims administrator directly for guidance to ensure your claim request follows all requirements.

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The Blackhawk data breach settlement provides payments to customers impacted by the 2022 cyber attack that accessed sensitive information stored on the MyPrepaidCenter com platform.

Eligible claimants who submit valid claims can receive reimbursement for documented identity theft losses of up to $5,000. California subclass members may get an extra $200.

To receive benefits, individuals must file a complete claim form along with any supporting documentation for out-of-pocket expenses incurred by April 11, 2024.

For additional settlement details and to file a claim online, visit Reach out directly to the claims administrator with outstanding questions about eligibility, documentation, or claim requirements.

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